Who we are

We are going to tell you our long story

Our story starts in the fabulous 50’s, years when Italy was coming out of a long war with the desire and hope to start over again.

Maria and Luigi, a young married couple who had grown up overcoming poverty and adversity, had had a big dream for a long time: to move to the Adriatic Coast, by the sea, and build a small hotel on their own to welcome holidaymakers in. At that time, the Rimini beach, just as it is today, was a lively holiday destination that was much appreciated by tourists during the good season. Leaving behind the countryside of the distant Villa Verucchio, Maria and Luigi got to the coast ready to put a lot of hard work into creating their dream. Despite having only known their small farm life up to then, courage, the desire to build something together, and many promissory notes allowed them to make their vision come true. That is how Pensione Enza was born, which at first only comprised a ground floor and ten guest rooms.

Time was flying by and the small hotel was becoming more and more like the project that Maria and Luigi had dreamt of. More and more guests were coming from all over Italy to spend their long awaited holidays on the Riviera. The hotel, which was small yet modern and comfortable, offered delicious homemade dishes which were made according to the Romagna culinary tradition: a great chance to taste homemade cakes, lasagne and tagliatelle made to perfection. It didn’t take long before the hotel needed to be expanded to welcome the growing number of visitors. Adele, Sergio and Luca, new members of the family, made some personal sacrifices to add new floors and guest rooms to Pensione Enza.

This story, which lasted for over fifty years, is about a journey that embraces three generations of dreamers who managed to fulfil their idea of hospitality, warmth and family. Just like in a big family, Pensione Enza is always ready to give a warm welcome those who are seeking one, as they come from faraway places, a home by the sea: your home by the sea.